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Леонид Герасимов
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Leonid Gerasimov

People's Artist of Ukraine
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Laureate of Maximilian Voloshin
Audience Award medalist Biennale chamber watercolors

Author of the textbook "The Art of Watercolor Painting" books "Rowing to Athens", "contemporary artist and cultural traditions", "Archive bridge."
Member of international research expeditions on the reconstructed wooden sailing-rowing ancient Greek vessel VI century BC, ancient seafaring past roads.

Laureate of the State Prize of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
Corresponding member Peter Academy of Sciences and Arts. (Russia, Saint-Petersburg).

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Painter Leonid Gerasimov

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He studied at the Art School. Samokisha (Teachers Grigoriev GN Kishchenko YA, Vereshchak VI, GN Kurylenko, Ephraim A., V. Volkov, Popova RI). He graduated from Academy. Fedorov in Lviv, Department "Graphic (Head AD Popov). Key works are kept in the State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin in Moscow, Simferopol Art Museum, Feodosia art gallery them. Gorky Ministry Culture of Ukraine.

Leonid Gerasimov - romantic. The worship of the surrounding beauty, chanting experienced - was central to his works. His credo artist formulates as follows: "The meaning of the work of artists - to encourage people to live by Christian eternal commands to stop, think, because we live in this life if God has called us?" Artists must clearly understand its purpose, - for what He gives talents? Convince his creativity, that salvation of the people in our faith, our repentance, that going to church is more moral than melt "Black Square" and various poshiba neoavangardistami. This "art" does not incite love for man - to his mother, a woman, a child, for the Motherland. This dead-end art. At best it's an entertaining exercise in composition. How not peered into this box and its variants, nothing there to see. Do not be deceived! With the same success in his position could be a footprint, spitting, etc. Our artists pen - writers, poets, musicians, instead debunk criminality, corruption, crime, revolution, romanticize all this spiritual garbage and continue to promote the means of art. How often artists doing a disservice to society, drawing labels and advertising fake vodka products with saltpeter G.M.O., biodobavkami - baiting these people. Intelligentsia "Silver Age" his atheism has provoked the rise to power of non-humans and that the oceans of blood all over the planet in 1917. That is not enough? How quickly we can forget the human suffering and tragedy of our people ... How often his impiety and lack of faith we cover beautiful words: "I create", "creativity", "I see", "This is my vision," "My Style." All this is a manifestation of selfishness in art. In the picture should not be a face painter and a person of the Creator, if He is not there, then it automatically takes place devil. We are all looking for national idea, and it under our feet, in the Orthodox faith - raise it. Without this revival of Ukraine we do not wait. We must not abuse the government, not politicians, and we are artists, for what we are going on about the customers, serve them, and not to God. The supreme goal of the artist - his works to enable people to understand the meaning and value of life that people would finally become spiritually better, kinder, kinder to each other. I, unfortunately, there is little time to meet these requirements. If this is not my work, or little, I can not really call myself an artist. All my books and watercolors, as though spectacular and significant they may seem, and no matter how visible they are accompanied by success can not be perfect and the right people if they pursue the goal of vanity, popularity, or any benefit for himself. Compassion and love - that every true Christian motifs great cause, really great artist. So far, I'm just learning to be an artist ...

Leonid Gerasimov

Wind Travel
By ancestors.

For communication with Leonid Gerasimov write his agent Alexander Belov. E-mail for communication: avbelov@ukr.net

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